North Star Equipment Fund

Rowing is regarded as the ‘ultimate team sport’, with rich and colourful traditions and an unparalleled reputation for demanding excellence and discipline beyond the boat and into all aspects of life. With an active youth development, senior competitive and a solid masters and recreational program, North Star seeks to be an inclusive club. We were one of the first clubs in Nova Scotia to offer para rowing programs, and to diversify membership in the club by offering grants to underserved youth from the community.

Our club is largely run by volunteer coaches, and support staff and all funds and member fees are returned to the club to support our programming. Athletes enjoy a welcoming and safe place to enjoy their sport and our competitive athletes have found great success at local, provincial, national and international regattas, achieving medals in both World and Olympic competitions.

What We Need

North Star Rowing Club was incorporated in 1940 and has provided recreational and competitive rowing programs in Dartmouth for over eighty years. Throughout the years, the club has provided rowers with a warm and friendly berth where they can find high quality boats, coaching and friendly club facilities.

Our boats are now over 20 years old and have seen much wear and tear and it is time to upgrade our fleet. We are starting a program to replace and refurbish our older fleet of boats to better serve our club programs. We are seeking donations that will contribute to this effort.


North Star is a non-profit organization that is looking to become a beneficiary of your donations, either monthly, annually or as a one-time contribution.  Donors who make a contribution of $20 or more, made through the National Sport Trust Fund – North Star – Equipment Purchase fund will receive a charitable tax receipt. Your contribution will provide  support to a great organization with a long history in our local community. 


  • Receive a Tax Receipt for your Donation.
  • Know that you are giving to a worthy not-for-profit organization.
  • Support youth and equity, diversity and inclusion in your community